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Aftercare for your tattoos is important, so that you may have tattoos that look great for a long time. The healing time is about 2 weeks. You will need antibacterial soap like Softsoap brand, with no fragrance and no dyes. You will also need an antibacterial ointment like A&D ointment or Aquaphor, and a mild skin lotion like Lubriderm, also with no fragrance or dyes. Vitamin E oil or lotion also works great.


Wash your tattoo after the first hour, then dry and re-apply thin ointment. Reapply 3 times a day for 3-5 days. Once it begins to flake like a sunburn, you may switch to lotion or vitamin E oil. Continue until all flakes are gone in about 2 weeks.


Never pick or scratch at your tattoo, or wear tight clothing over it. Also, do not go in any chlorinated water or unhygienic bodies of water such as lakes, pools or hot tubs for 2 weeks.

Tattoo aftercare

Piercing aftercare

Aftercare for your piercings is similar to aftercare for your tattoos. Use the same no-fragrance soaps and no dyes in your soap. Use a cotton swab with soap and water to clean the top and bottom of your jewelry and rinse with water. Never spin the jewelry as it can lead to infection. Avoid touching your jewelry with dirty hands also.


Never use peroxide, alcohol or ointment on piercings. Alcohol kills the new skin tissue and prolongs the healing in a piercing. Use sea salt, if infected. Come see us first to know the mixture to use and whether to soak or wash. Your piercing usually heals in about 4-6 weeks to change the jewelry.


Oral piercings need antiseptic mouthwash that should be diluted 50/50, and rinse after you eat, drink, or smoke for the next 2 weeks. No beer or yeast products for about 2 weeks either. Your tongue takes about 2 weeks to heal enough to change the jewelry.

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