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From simple nose piercing to the more elaborate body piercing, it can be done at Ink Fever Tattoos And Body Piercing located in Tecumseh,  MI.

Expression through body piercings

From your nose, earlobes, eyebrow, and your belly button, there are many places to get your body pierced. Get a snake, viper, angel, shark, Medusa, canine or dolphin bite.


Change out your jewelry if you like for something new. We would be happy to assist you with that as well. Stop in and see all the pieces that we have and find your new piece.


After initial piercing is done we will changed jewelrywith no cost. After that a charge of $5.00 for jewelry.

Ingenious body piercings

At Ink Fever Tattoos and Body Piercing, we always try to give you as painless as possible piercings. We offer standard ear and belly button piercings as well as other body parts such as the tongue, nipple, ear lobes, and cartilage.


We have a large selection and only surgical stainless steel implant-grade metal. We also have colored titanium and a small selection of gold, basic hoops, barbells, gems, and acrylics. We even carry plugs for ears of steel, titanium, acrylic, silicone, wood, bone, and glass. Make your appointment today. Call 517-263-6198.

Totally cool body piercings

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body piercings.