Good tattoos aren't cheap and

cheap tattoos aren't good!


We are a licensed and health department inspected business. Call for your appointment today.


Did you change your mind about that tattoo? We all change our minds about something. More than likely, we can cover your old tattoo or rework it.


Stop by Ink Fever Tattoos And Body Piercing, located in Adrian, MI for your consultation. Our goal is to make your tattoo look as fresh and new as possible when we are done, as if your old tattoo was never there.

Incredible tattoo cover ups

Many times we are able to use wildlife, feathers, or fur when reworking an old tattoo. Color is always necessary when covering up an original, even if it is a black and gray. Make your appointment today and see what we can do for you.

Amazing tattoo reworks

We may take a photo or trace your old tattoo. On your second consultation visit, we will have some ideas for you and how we can change your old tattoo. Most likely, there is a way to make changes to your tattoo.

Any size tattoo reworked

Sometimes you just have to change things up to get

it right.

cross and butterfly tattoo